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PayPal for ZOO

It's finally here! PayPal integration for ZOO!

This lightweight ZOO element will render a PalPal button in your ZOO item and will allow you to begin selling your items quickly.

And here's the best news... The element will work on a pre-existing catalog! Simply apply the element and configure... The element reads the item automatically - all you need to do is set your price!

Comes with PayPal styles and UiKit styles.


  • Multiple currencies
  • Product Variations
  • Product Multiplier

PayPal for ZOO plays on the strengths of both PayPal and ZOO... It leaves e-Commerce to PayPal and leaves beautiful content to ZOO. PayPal for ZOO is simply a 'bridge' between both.

PayPal for ZOO also integrates with the ZOO Item module and WidgetKit so you can make your on-line shop look amazing!

All this for a measly £9.99!

PayPal API

Let ZOO do what it does best; build great content! PayPal for ZOO makes PayPal do the hard work, using PayPals API. Biuld a pay button with minimal fuss.

Quick Start

Already have a product catalog? PayPal for ZOO simply plugs directly into your current ZOO App. Just drop the element and configure - extremely simple!

One size fits all!

Use the power of ZOO's elemental structure - build one button and apply it accross your site! Use simple text to add product variation options.

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