Zoo app Builder - Coming Soon

Zoo app Builder - Coming Soon

So we've been busy over the past for months here at Zoo Mods Plus, building a new tool for ZOO site builders and developers that we think, will change how you develop your ZOO sites forever.

That's right, we have built an online tool that will allow you to build custom ZOO apps, with customised name, icons, copyright and metadata, as well as custom templates and layouts.

Beta registrations are now closed

So let's explain what the Zoo App Builder does. 

First of all we want to make sure the service gets used by ZOO developers and site builders, so we have made a free tier that will allow you to build a free app with Uikit markup and layouts.

This means that the app will take on whatever styles you've set in your Yootheme Pro template and will work seamlessly with your current site designs.

The free app will come with lots of customisation options for your layouts and of course, the code you get will have your own copyright stamp, so you're free to edit the code yourself.

Note: we will also be releasing a lot of code tutorials on our Youtube channel to explain how to do this.

We're also releasing a subscription tier, that will give you access to customised layouts, such as Yootheme Pro templates like Joline, Morgan and Nioh etc. We will try to release new Yootheme Pro layouts as Yootheme release new themes each month.

Not only that, we plan to add our own custom apps, like "Car Dealership", "Real Estate" etc. The subscription tier apps will come with advanced features such as our Advanced Search system, and other little ZOO goodies we've developed over the years.

We are keeping the App Building process simple... simply enter the metadata details, such as Author, Copyright etc. Drag and drop your icon (which auto resizes your image), select a layout and click "build".

No more dodgy "copy/pasting" templates inside other apps... no more worrying if the next ZOO update will overwrite your changes. No more "core hacks". 

If you or your client needs a fully customised, fully branded ZOO app, simply come to Zoo AppBuilder, build the app and download. Simple.


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  • Sebastien


    • 28 February 2019 at 10:51
    • #

    This is an awesome idea! Really really great job!


    • ZMP Team

      ZMP Team

      • 06 March 2019 at 18:06
      • #

      We're really excited about it. New screen casts coming soon! :)


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