Zoo App Builder Update

Zoo App Builder Update

Today we're happy to share with you another demo video for our forthcoming new product, Zoo App Builder. Zoo App Builder is currently in BETA and there are a few BETA users building apps and giving feedback.

We'd like to thank those users for offering their feedback. It is very much appreciated.

With that done, first of all please go and watch the latest demo video linked here.

As you can see we now have a fully operational layout builder in the latest version of ZAB. This means that you can build Yootheme Pro type layouts for your custom Zoo apps.

Elements not included - for good reason

Please look carefully and you will see that this layout builder is not exactly like YTpro in that there are no elements here. You can't drag and drop text and images etc. All we're doing here is creating Zoo layout positions that you can fill with Zoo elements once you've installed your app. We have given an option to user "preview" elements; Text, Medium Text, Long Text, Image and Social. We may add more in future. 

These previews give you a sense of how your Zoo content will look. Remember, that Zoo layout positions can take more than one element - again all this can be done inside the custom Zoo app once you've built it and installed it. 

Zoo is not a page builder, it's a CCK, so layouts expect to be rendered with lots of varying content. The ZAB builder is set up to allow you to build a layout that will accept lots of different content.

No menu or modules - for good reason

You'll see on the preview that there is no menu, logo or Joomla modules in view. Again, this is because ZAB isn't a page builder nor a website builder. Once you've installed your zoo app, it will be rendered in your Joomla template render position, just like any other Zoo app. Since Zoo apps may be installed on lots of sites and ZAB can't see your site, we can't render your menu or modules in the preview.

A note on styling

The Zoo App Builder takes the style of zooappbuilder.com, so when I select "Primary" from the dropdown, the preview will show a blue or green colour. This does not mean that it will render blue or green on your site. The custom ZOO app will inherit the style of your Joomla template. We may add a feature to adjust styling in future, but this is not a priority at the moment.


We're very proud to be using Joomla as the backend to the ZAB. Joomla, although no longer the very cutting edge of web technologies, is still a hugely stable system, particularly for the user system etc. For instance the Joomla user system is tried and tested and been running millions of websites for a decade. That's why we've used Joomla as the backend. At ZMP we love using the latest web tech (as you'll read soon), but when it comes to backend systems, for us there's nothing better than Joomla.

We're using Yootheme's amazing Yootheme Pro system for the ZAB website. It allows us to create interesting, engaging pages for the site easily.

In terms of the new builder, we've decided to launch it on a sub domain using Angular 7. 

Angular is an amazing Web App Framework that allows us to use reactive programming to run live updates on the page and manage things like app state easily. Angular is a rival to VueJS and React and we chose to specialise in Angular simply because we loved the Ionic Framework for building Hybrid apps therefore Angular was the best choice for us.

We're delighted that the Yootheme and Zoolanders teams have chosen VueJS for their latest products, this has allowed us to discover what can be achieved with Angular in the ZOO/Joomla/YTPro space.

Overall we're delighted with how Angular works on the Zoo App Builder and we're really excited for you to use it.

If you have any suggestions or comments please leave them here and wee can discuss! 

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  • Hugh Cole

    Hugh Cole

    • 31 May 2019 at 15:30
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    I am excited to see this come to fruition.


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