Turn your Joomla site into an App using ZOO as an app content manager!

Integraete Joomla with Ionic

Ionic Mobile app Development by ZOOModsPlus.

ZOOModsPlus are experts in the development of Hybrid Mobile apps using the Ionic Framework, and have developed enhanced API's for Joomla and ZOO on the the jBackend platform.

Ionic Framework - Joomla/ZOO - jBackend

A match made in heaven!
Have you ever wanted to get your Joomla website onto the app stores? Ever wondered if ZOO could be used to manage the content on a Mobile App?

ZOOModsPlus have the answer. Over the past few years we have gathered a wealth of experience in building Hybrid mobile apps, and we've been able to enhance the jBackend API to allow us to control every aspect of an App via the Joomla backend. We've even been able to hook up ZOO as a content manager for apps.

In a nutshell, you can turn your ZOO app into a fully fledged Mobile app, put it on the app stores and have your ZOO content 'feed' into you mobile app... in real time!

Here's our lead developer speaking on Ionic at Joomla Day UK 2017

Free, unlimited Push Notifications - all managed via ZOO

Yes, that's right... simply create and schedule your push notification via the ZOO baackend. Each Notification = a ZOO item... it's that simple!

Watch this video here for a quick demo!


Can I put my app on the app stores?


Hybrid App technology allows you to have a codebase for Android and iOS in one place. One app, both app stores!

Are there any limitations on functionality?


Any features that a native app has are available to Hybrid apps via Cordova Plugins.

Here's a list of the main features your app could have:

  • Push Notifications
  • Login/Logout via Joomla
  • Maps and geoloaction
  • Pull-to-refresh live content from ZOO
  • Touch ID
  • Native PDF Viewer
  • PayPal payments
  • ...and much more - just ask!
Can my users "login" to the app?

Users can use their current Joomla credentials to "login" to the app and get their content.
Do all the ZOO elements work?

All the ZOO elements work via the API. If you have images, videos, text, lists etc in your ZOO content, the app can use this content in the app layouts.
Is it secure?

jBackend allows the creation of unique API keys that protect your API from misuse. We can also supply SSL Certificates to make sure all data to-and-from the app is encrypted.
How much will it cost?
Costs depend on the scale of your project. A larger project can cost £10,000. A small, simple app can cost as little as £999.

To find out how much your app will cost, why not get in touch.

Each site is different so we quote on a site-by-site basis.

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