Make your Joomla data available to any app, in real time.

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This plugin provides a API layer for your website, that feeds data into a Firebase and Firestore database in real time. Perfect for making your Joomla site a Mobile App Backend.

We've 4 plugins on offer: User, Joomla Firestore, Joomla Firebase and ZOO. The User Plugin comes bundled with the Joomla plugin and the ZOO plugin. 

Unleash the power of the Firebase realtime database & Firestore and allow Joomla to power your Mobile app.

This collection of plugins allow your Joomla site to power the data on your app. Firebase's realtime database allows you to feed data to a mobile app, a PWA or a Node.js app - in real time.

These plugins allow you to save a Joomla or ZOO item and have that data feed into any app connected to your Firebase account. It's simple, it's elegant and it's extrememly powerful.

Sync Users

The User plugin will sync your Joomla Users to Firebases Auth system, meaning a signup on your website, becomes a signup on your app - automatically.

Sync Joomla Content

The Content plugin syncs your Joomla Articles and Categories in real time - sends the data to Firebase or Firestore which "pushes" the updates into your App. 

Sync ZOO

We know ZOO inside out and we've built a plugin that send your ZOO items to Firebase in real time. The data updates elegantly and there are many options for organising you ZOO data.

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