AMP Auto Ads is here

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AMP Auto Ads is here

So I got a nice surprise when I logged into my google Adsense account recently. Google have released Auto-ads for content and a part of this is auto-ads for AMP.

In my opinion, auto ads will solve a lot of issues with rendering ads in list content where it can be difficult to code in a break in lists to display an ad, then make that responsive when your list is no longer a grid.

The code usually involved counting the items and injecting the ad code every 3rd or 6th item, breaking the UIKit grid in the process... the HTML ended up being a real stitch-up job.

Auto ads will hopefully fix this issue by injecting the ad code where the algorithm feels works best for usability and click-ability.

(Although always remember, the algorithm isn't neseccarily your friend... it's there to serve Google's profits, not your website!)

Luckily, Google is taking AMP seriously enough that they released the AMP plugin for Auto ads also. And that's where ZOO Mods Plus comes in! We've started planning for the inclusion of AMP Auto Ads in our ZOO Amp addon.

This should be completed and released mid-March 2018.

Want to know what ZOO AMP is? Check out the product page here.

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