The Easy way to sell from a ZOO item page

PayPal for ZOO,
the simplest PayPal element for ZOO

Simply drag and drop this element onto ANY ZOO item, and start recieving payments using PayPals payment system.
It's finally here! PayPal integration for ZOO!
This lightweight ZOO element will render a PalPal button in your ZOO item and will allow you to begin selling your items quickly.

And here's the best news... The element will work on a pre-existing catalog! Simply apply the element and configure... The element reads the item automatically - all you need to do is set your price!

Comes with PayPal styles and UiKit styles.

PayPal for ZOO plays on the strengths of both PayPal and ZOO... It leaves e-Commerce to PayPal and leaves beautiful content to ZOO. PayPal for ZOO is simply a 'bridge' between both.

PayPal for ZOO also integrates with the ZOO Item module and WidgetKit so you can make your on-line shop look amazing!

It's free!

But please be aware, we offer no support other than the user forum. By downloading this software you acknowledge that you understand this.
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