Need to content manage your favourite Yootheme Pro Layouts?

We've created a unique ZOO app that allows you to use the Joli,  Morgan Consulting, Lilian, VISION and Nioh Studio layouts inside ZOO.

Download the app, install it inside ZOO (not in the Joomla installer) and add your content! Simple!
Yes, it IS possible to use Yootheme Pro Layouts for ZOO!

***We've added VISION Case Study and Nioh Therapies Layouts!***

We've used our expert knowledge of the ZOO system to build a unique app that contains the Joli "Spots"Morgan Consulting "Projects" and Lilian "Blog" layouts for the teaser list and the full page. All the positions are built, all you need to do is install the app and add your content! 

Just take note: The ZIP needs to be installed inside the ZOO installer NOT the Joomla Installer. Go to ZOO, click the "Gear Icon", then upload the ZIP in the "Install a new App" field. Easy! 

This little app also showcases our expertise with ZOO. If you need another Yootheme Pro layout for your ZOO installation, get in touch with us and we can help you. We can do ANY Yootheme pro layouts and port them over to ZOO - even your own custom Yootheme Pro layouts! If you need your Yootheme Pro layouts to be ZOO Content Managed, we can help!


It's free!

But please be aware, we offer no support other than the user forum. By downloading this software you acknowledge that you understand this.

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Need a custom Yootheme Pro Layout?

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