ZOO Advanced Search

What's it all about?

We've developed an extremely effective AJAX search system for ZOO. It uses AJAX to "live filter" the results of user searches in real time. 

Instead of us explaining it... why not check out the demo:

How get hold of ZMP Advanced Search?

ZMP Advanced Search is a bespoke system that can't simply "be installed" via the Joomla installer. It is an advanced search system that we must work to integrate into your site.

First tell us what fields you need to search on and we can integrate the system in a few hours. Cost will depend on the scale of your site and the complexity of the job. Get in touch to get a quote.

Works with ZOOLanders Elements

Including Related Items Pro!
We have worked on making sure that the Search System works on all ZOO fields, including Related Items Pro... not even ZOOFilter does this!

Works via AJAX to give instant filtering

Live reload!
Give your users instant results with the advanced search system.
Live reload results instantly. No need for page reload and heavy database queries.

Intuitive Multi-select

Great User Experience
Give your users the easiest user experience with intuitive "tag" style multi-select fields, checkboxes and auto complete.

Sound interesting?

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