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Use the power of ZOO layouts to create AMP pages from your ZOO items
ZOO Amp will create AMP pages from your ZOO items.

ZOO Amp is a Joomla plugin that works alongside your ZOO installation to create Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) of your ZOO items. To read more about AMP go to the AMP homepage.

AMP, in a nutshell, is a framework for extremely fast loading mobile pages. It is a Google project. AMP HTML is an extremely slimmed-down version of HTML and therefore works extremely quickly on mobile.

ZOO Amp runs your ZOO Items through a process and creates AMP compatible HTML pages… and it happens automatically in the background.

This powerful plugin will allow you to create customised AMP pages from your ZOO items. Use ZOO's drag and drop elements to customise your AMP pages the way you want. We've also created a Custom CSS element to allow you to style your AMP pages down to every detail.


Once the plugin is configured you can simply create your ZOO items as usual. The system will do the rest automatically in the background.

Validated AMP HTML

This plugin creates validated AMP HTML and will pass all tests on the Google Search Console.

AMP Plugins

We've developed plugins for Social Share, Google Analytics and Google Adsense so you can get the most out of your AMP pages right away.

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