ZOO History

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ZOO History

Record Every Action - Restore Any Item

This Joomla component tracks all ZOO admin actions and allows you to restore any copy of any ZOO item - even deleted items!

If you manage a ZOO site, this extension is a MUST HAVE!

This ZOO add-on will allow you to save and recover every edit of every ZOO item and allow you to restore any recorded version with one click.

We've all been there. As ZOO admins we've all had that moment where we've accidentally deleted an important ZOO item. It's easily done! One click and it's gone! ZOOModsPlus' parent agency have built over 100 Joomla/ZOO websites in the past 6 years and in that time we've had our mishaps.

Not only that, a careless client could easily mess up their ZOO app with a few loose clicks. We've lost count of the amount of times we've had to do a full Akeeba Restore just because a client was careless in the ZOO backend!

What if there was a system that would track and save all the edits in ZOO items and allow you to restore any version of any ZOO item with a simple click? What ZOO development team could do such a thing? ZOOModsPlus can and we did!

So we developed a new Joomla component that works alongside your ZOO to record every instance of your changes in ZOO. Not only does it record every edit and every save, each record can be instantly restored with a click of a button - EVEN DELETED ITEMS!

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